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We have found each of the 3 below roof types can be very expensive to replace. Many building owners are not ready to spend that amount of money to solve their roof problem.  COATINGS gives them better options!  Coatings work the best on these 3 roof types.

See why below for each type.

Which roof type do you have?

Torch On roofs

What’s the problem with Torch On roofs?

They have many seams that can fail and over time they loose their UV protection.  Once that happens, water gets into the roofing system and the sun’s powerful rays will create water vapor leading to further damage and weakness.  When the roof heats up during the day, the trapped water vapor presses upward on all seams of the roof and weakens them.  Then when the roof cools, the vapor condenses and turns to moisture.  This “thermal cycling” can quickly damage the roof.  This leaves a building owner with a roof failing and very expensive to replace.

Many Torch On roofs don’t leak but are loosing their UV protection and you start to see more shades of black.  Again, the roof is going to be damaged by the UV rays.  Why replace a perfectly good roof when you can re-roof it with a coating, giving 10-15 more years of life for 40 to 50% less?

See video for more details (coming soon)

Metal roofs

What’s the problem with metal roofs?

Over time, the seals on the metal screws crack and leak, the roof panel can also start to rust there.  The seams can also leak from a lot of roof movement with the daily heating and cooling.  Lastly, the stacks, vents and pipes can leak from that same movement.  A roofer gets called and he patches it and then it leaks again a bit later.  What happened?

Metal roofs need to be repaired with the correct material otherwise they leak again.  This material is more expensive than the regular roofing tar, that’s why many roofers don’t carry that material with them.

In addition many of the metal roof repairs require fabric reinforcement, the 3 course method.

Many building owners or managers think they have a bad roof or that it MUST be replaced.  That’s where it becomes very expensive.  On most metal roofs, they just need the correct repair and possibly full coating.  A full coating is normally 40 to 60% lower in costs than a new metal roof.

See video for more details (coming soon)

Tar & gravel roofs

What’s the problem with Tar & Gravel roofs?

Most of them are old!  In their day they were very good roofs.  Now if you have one on your building you may find it leaks, gets a lot of debris on it and sometimes can be hard to find the leak.  Plus, since it’s old it needs to be torn off and a new roof installed.  That can be quite costly.

When repairing, most roofers use a Torch On patch installed with a torch.  The gravel is moved and the roof is smoothed out.  Then they heat up the old roof and the roll membrane with a torch and “weld” it to the old roof.  Sounds good! A skilled torch on roofer can do a good job, however Tar and gravel roofs are old and made of brittle old tar and fragile “tar soaked paper” or felt.  When the old roof gets super heated with the torch, it weakens it and causes the connected roof to become brittle.  On roofs with a lot of those type of patches, it is common to have a new leak pop up just at the edge of the Torch On patch.

When Kinvig Roof Coatings patch the old tar and gravel roof, we use a completely compatible roofing asphalt AND fabric reinforcement. We don’t damage the old roof and the patch lasts a very long time.  That’s a similar way that we can also restore an old Tar & Gravel roof, again for much less the costs of a new roof.

See video for more details (coming soon)

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