Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are arguably the best roof!

If that’s true, why do I get called to so many leaking metal roofs?  Three years ago I was on a Heavy duty truck shop roof, the building erected 10 years earlier by the owner.  He told me it leaked since the day it was built.  This was a contract to build large shop.  Well, over the years, I have found that metal roofs leak in 3 common locations.  Roof to roof they are mostly the same type of leak.

The other thing I found is that if you solve those 3 leak types then the roof doesn’t leak anymore.  Period.


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Metal Roof Gallery

Barrel Roof with metal panels

White Cool Roof gives the finishing touch to this roof.

Structural metal panel screws, sealed.

Sealant is UV stable, flexible and rust inhibitor.

Restore the roof, stop the rust, make it look new again!

Cool Roof can be spray applied, brushed or roller.

Bingo Beats Part 2

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Rubberized flexible coating

Lowest cost per square foot restoration

Roof Coatings

Epic Electronic

Back to the old school sound of DJ’ing. I will be teaming up with some of my all time favorite DJ’s and delivering a party like never before. Names will be announced soon. IMG_5414