Tar and Gravel Roofs

Tar and Gravel Roofs

Many people I have spoken to, thought that the Gravel style of roof is old and bad.  In fact if it was done correctly was actually quite a good roof.  Many have Lasted over 25 years, even some 35!  But if not done well have failed in 12 years or so.  If you have a large warehouse or commercial building, then it is very costly to remove the old roof and start again.  Every year disposal costs go up and becomes costlier as each year goes by.   However if the gravel roof is not leaking heavily or still holding its own for the most part then it can be coated or roofed over if done correctly.



This roof is part way coated with a compatible roofing material.  It does not use heat and therefore does not damage the original roofing system, but works with it to reseal it and add 5 years to its life.  That can be a lot of years for a warehouse.  If you need it to last longer, then a roofing fabric can be added and will extend to 10 year warranty with a life of about 15 years.  The 5 year roof can be done for as little as $4.00 a square foot depending on size and details.


Here is a large warehouse before:

Here is the warehouse after:

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