Torch On Roofs

Torch on Roofs


“The above picture is a good example of a Torch applied roof system called Modified Bitumen, most people call it Torch On.  This roofing system has been very popular over the last 20 or more years and is still being used quite a bit currently.  However, the largest manufacturer in the world is no longer pushing or promoting it as their main roofing system.  They are moving away from “flame applied or hot applied” roofing and now going with other systems that don’t use an open flame.


If you look at the roof, (I know because I carefully inspected it) all the seams and joints are solid, the vents are in good shape and the roof really is still doing fine BUT is losing its UV protection.  So if an owner is caring about his home or building he can see it is wearing out, yet it is not leaking.  That’s where coatings come in.  There are several different coatings that can extend the life of the roof.  Not just by a few years but by 5, 10 or even 15 years!  So the owner saves a lot of money, often up to 50% and, if you clean and coat it again many years later you can continue to extend the life of the roof!

This Torch On roof was coated using a rubberized, UV protection layer and has added 10 years of life for half the cost of a new roof.

This also works on other roof types as well.

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