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Worried about the future of your home? Through 3 simple steps we clean, repair and coat your roof to virtually brand new! Get long-lasting security for you and your family with our Tar & Gravel Solutions!

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Tar & Gravel roofs are built with delicate paper layers. As the roof gets older and the paper gets wet and dries over the years, it shrinks and the paper tears away forming cracks in the roof. Through 3 simple steps we clean, repair and coat your roof to virtually brand new! With our Asphalt sealant and the option of a silver coating to reflect UV rays we dramatically extend the life of your roof so it can last for another 10 years!

Worried About The Future Of Your Roof?

Tar & Gravel roofs (the Vancouver Special) are built with (organic) paper layers that are laid down with asphalt. As the roof gets older, these layers shrink and tear away, exposing the wood below and opening up big cracks. Combined with the moss and dirt that accumulates over the years, these roofs can seem like a lost cause.

However, this damage can be repaired and fixed. We clean, repair and coat your roof so its life is renewed. You don’t have to buy a new roof! It can be restored! And in doing so, we can add another 10 years to the life of the roof! These 10 years can even be extended again, so your roof lasts another 5 years after that!

Our Tar & Gravel Process


The gravel is removed and the dust, dirt and moss that accumulates over the years is swept off.


The damaged areas of the roof are exposed and repaired. Cracks are sealed.


The roof is coated with a compatible, asphalt sealant adding virtually another 10 years to the life of your roof!

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Hi there! My name’s Keith Kinvig, I’ve been in the coating and roofing industry for over 19 years.

We’re a proud family owned business with my daughter running the social media/promotion and my little helper Ozzie (dog with me in picture) who joins me sometimes on job sites.

I know the importance of having faith in the condition of your roof and not having to worry about leaving a problem for your kids or for the future. That’s why I like to provide quality service for a fair price so home owners don’t have to have that worry on their minds.

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