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About Kinvig Roof Coatings

Kinvig Roof Coatings specializes in repairing Metal Roofs, repairing Torch On Roofs and repairing Tar & Gravel Roofs.  We use high-performance Polymer Coatings. We also do full re-roofing of Metal roofs, re-roofing of Tar and Gravel roofs and re-roofing of Torch On roofs.  We have partnered with multipule Manufactuerers and distributors to source the best coatings for the BC region.  If you’re looking for a re-roof of your low slope or Metal roof, then get in contact and we will help you.

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Specializing in 3 Roof Types:

We re-roof Modified Bitumen (Torch On) roofs, We re-roof metal roofs.  We re-roof Tar and Gravel roofs.  The advanced coatings we use allow us to re-roof at the lowest prices possible.  Call Kinvig Roof Coatings at 604-209-3507 and we can discuss further.

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Burnaby BC

7876 Allman Street
Burnaby, BC V5E 2B1
Phone: 604-209-3507