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Commercial Services

Metal Roofs

Commercial Metal Roofs come in many different styles and varieties. They are known for being quite durable, quick to install and for staying maintenance free for a long time. However these qualities don’t always hold true in all Metal Roofs and they can leak and develop problems over time. The good news is that these roofs can much more easily be restored, repaired or modified than other roof types! Metal roofing is actually one of the best roof types to have for coatings and restoration. These roofs can only leak in 3 places (the panel seams, the protrusions and the screws) which enables them to be easily fixed or sealed. Many owners think their old roofs have to be completely removed and replaced. But in majority of the cases I’ve seen, this is not true! Commercial Metal Roofs can be restored and brought back to new again and in doing so we can create a roofing system that will last for many more years.

Tar & Gravel Roofs

Tar and Gravel roofs have great protection from UV rays and are better able to drain water than other roof types. However if they’re not installed well they may not last very long and they can be expensive to remove and replace. The roofs are built with (organic) paper layers that are laid down with asphalt. As the roof gets older, these layers shrink and tear away, exposing the wood below and opening up big cracks. Combined with the moss and dirt that accumulates over the years, these roofs can seem like a lost cause. However, this damage can be repaired and fixed. We clean, repair and coat your roof so its life is renewed and you don’t have to buy a new roof! We can add another 10 years to the life of the roof! These 10 years can even be extended again, so your roof lasts another 5 years after that!

Torch On Roofs

Torch on Roofs are a rolled-out roofing material that is welded together to form a smooth, two-layer roof membrane. It is often called “Torch-on” as a hot torch is used to weld the two membranes together. When applied by a skilled roofer it is a very good system and can last for a long time. But as the roof ages, the top surface (the UV granules on the roof) can begin to fall off and expose the black membrane underneath. This makes the roof vulnerable to the elements and is one of the main reasons why owners can experience leaks. But in roofs where the membrane is still in good condition, repairing it can simply be a matter of putting a new coat on top! And with this simple fix we can actually extend the life of the roof to last many more years!

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